About Triveous

We are Triveous, we make apps that help connect people. We are a team of 2 and we work out of Bangalore, India.

About Skyro

Every day millions of people across the world create content. They record meetings, lectures, press briefings, conversations, musical sessions, notes and countless other important events. Skyro aims to help these people create content in a way thats easier than ever before. It helps them play that content on their phones, laptops or anywhere on the cloud. It helps share that content and collaborate with other people.

We have a vision where one platform enables you to seamlessly record, play and share content across the web without the boundaries of device or medium, so that you focus on whats important, the content. Therefore, Skyro.

About me

I am Soham Mondal and I am the creator of Skyro and a founder at Triveous. I work out of Bangalore, India. You can find me on twitter, google plus and linkedIn. You can also reach out to me via email

Contact us

You can visit our site or contact us via email, thank you