What's New in Voice Recorder?

Here are the changes in Voice Recorder

The latest and greatest:

4.0.1 (ALPHA only)

  • Completely new architecture (App internals)
  • Fingerprint/pin/pattern based security for pro users


  • Support for Android Wear - Now you can start recording, control recording and playback from an android wear device!
  • Say "Ok Google Start Recording" on the android wear device to start recording
  • You can also swipe right on the android wear home screen to find voice recorder and start recording
  • All new Android Wear Settings
  • Multiple bug fixes

Older Versions:


  • All new customisable widgets - Choose your own themes and customise widgets
  • All new Skip silence feature (Experimental) - Allows you to skip silent parts of a recording (Pro)
  • New Experimental Audio Effect - Noise Suppression (Pro): Removes background noise from the captured audio
  • New Experimental Audio Effect - Echo Cancellation (Pro): Cancels echo from the captured audio
  • New Experimental Audio Effect - Automatic Gain Control (Pro): Automatically adjust the volume recording signal for very silent or very noisy environments
  • A new, simpler and more modular Settings page
  • Multiple bug fixes


  • fixed "could not write" error while recording


  • fixed dropbox sync frequency issue


  • fixes issue with resuming recording after pausing
  • fixes crash while selecting images to be added to a recording


  • material design update, all new look
  • support for images in recording, slideshow
  • android lollipop animations and effects
  • all new themes
  • support for m4a/bluetooth



  • Option to select the default file name format like 20-Mar-2014-1851, Thu-Mar-20-2014 and so on
  • Multiple, major dropbox sync related fixes (Duplicate entries, File name case related issues, delete related issues)
  • Better rename dialog (fills in previous title automatically)


  • Fixed low volume issue for the first ever recording
  • Fixed duration display issue for paused recordings


  • Major performance improvement in the way the app is displayed, everything should be that much smoother
  • Audio recording bug fix for entry level devices
  • Settings are now much simpler and reflect the current state of selected options
  • Updated support for accessibility across the application
  • Support for bigger location cards (when street address is unavailable)
  • Added check for successful mp3 conversion and the automatic option to fall back to wav in case the conversion was not successful


  • Redesigned sync mechanism (no STARTUP permission required)
  • Added license dialog in settings
  • Updated support for all languages
Issues fixed:
  • Action bar search icon not visible fixed
  • Inconsistent theme clicks in theme selection
  • Keyboard overlap while renaming a record on the recording screen
  • Keyboard overlap while renaming tags on the manage tag screen
  • Duplicate recording when a recording is paused and resumed
  • New recording fix for sony xperia and other phones (ongoing: 2.1.8/2.1.6), for more details please mail us at for priority support
  • Action bar shadow fixed on Kitkat
  • Multiple fixes in the Manage Tags page
  • Null locations during recording
  • Fixed text overflow issue on certain languages in landscape mode
  • Fixed issue where map was not being shown on the recording screen after the 1st recording on a tablet


  • Finally, added the ability to change the recording directory (SD card/internal etc.). You access it via Settings > File location
  • Experimental fix for recording crash/no-response on Sony Xperia S/P/J/L, LG G2, LG L9-2 and other phones
  • Experimental fix for an issue where the app prevents soundhound/TrackID or the camera app from working on certain devices
  • In case you still face any of these above issues, please mail us at for priority support


  • Parallax scrolling effect added to some themes in Sky Recorder, up to you to discover which ones :)
  • Pressing the back button in the recorder details screen will now cause the sliding details window to collapse
  • The settings button in the recorder list details page will now have contextual recording options (instead of generic ones) and works properly during playback
  • Fixed multiple small alignment issues
  • Multiple fixes for 10" tablets (like the Galaxy Tab 3) and hdpi phones (Nexus S and the like)
  • Fixed audio related crashes on Sony Xperia devices
  • Fixed multiple crashes in the UI/maps
  • Fixed "null" locations in certain areas
  • Across the board support for longer file names/location etc.
  • Fixes to soundcloud file upload (some issues with the previous update)
  • Scroll position in the recorder list is now saved after an orientation change (portrait to landscape and vice-versa)
  • Multiple other stability fixes


  • Recordings now start instantly, the delay that was present in starting a recording is now gone
  • After a recording is complete, a play button is shown on the recording card
  • Clicking on the play button or the recording card (post recording) will cause that recording to start playing
  • Fixed memory leak in the maps section on tablets
  • Deleting from the recording page card works properly now
  • Basic tutorial for the recording and recording-details page, tutorial available in 13 languages (based on analytics and user feedback data)
  • Files synced through dropbox (pulled from the cloud) will now show the proper playback time in the list
  • Fixed location opt-out setting: the bug where you clicked to disable location in the app will now work properly
  • Fixed issue where pausing/recording via a recordig would show the wrong recording time on the post-recording card


  • bug fixes related to pro updates, preferences and some file delete operations


  • much better memory allocation
  • support for landscape across all devices, all screens
  • newer, better theme selection user experience
  • new themes
  • disaster recovery: save recording to the recording list at start and recovers even if phone/app crashes
  • better tag management user experience
  • fixed multiple bugs including theme selection etc


  • new, completely redesigned user experience
  • redesigned for 7/10 tablets from the ground up
  • support for tags
  • support for location
  • search based on location and tags
  • newer default themes