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Record and share audio seamlessly

Record clear audio in mp3 or uncompressed wav formats. Share instantly using our in-built dropbox sync features

  • Record in uncompressed wav format or in mp3, from 64kbps all the way to 320kbps
  • Get instant visual feedback on the audio in a waveform
  • You can instantly sync your recordings to your dropbox account and share it with your friends and colleagues
  • All your recordings are backed up on dropbox and are instantly available on other devices running Skyro and on any other device having access to your dropbox
  • Sync recordings automatically on wifi or on wifi and network data

Start adding photos to recording

The photos taken during recording are automatically added to it. So imagine, you could take images of notes you've taken during a lecture or of a slide in a presentation or of a whiteboard mock that you created during a meeting. Your recordings are now richer and more descriptive.

  • Skyro remembers the time when you took the phones and while playing back the recording, the photos are shown at that exact moment
  • You can also add photos from your gallery
  • You can also play back your images in a full screen slideshow

Clean, clutter-free, customizable experience

We've designed an app that does away with the clutter, offering a clean, minimalist interface that helps you focus on the recordings

  • Clean minimalist design based on the android holo theme
  • Customizable UI themes
  • Designed for android kitkat
  • Notifications take advantage of Android Jellybean features wherever available
  • Available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Tags and an integrated search experience

You can now tag your recordings as work, personal, important and more. This helps managing and then searching recordings a breeze.

  • Tag recordings on pre-defined tags such as work, personal, school, family and important
  • Create your own tags
  • Search on these tags, for example, search for "personal" to find all recordings which have been tagged as personal

Geo-tagging and location based search

Your recordings are automatically geo-tagged so that you know where you made them. This can be used to search recordings based on location as well.

  • Automatic geo-tagging of recordings
  • Search based on locality, city, country
  • For example, search for "Bangalore" to see all the recordings created in that city
  • Location based search is entirely optional, can be disabled whenever required

Built for android tablets, from the ground up

We've designed an interface that is native to android tablets like the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10, the extra screen real estate is intuitively utilized by displaying relevant information

  • More screen real estate, more relevant data shown on screen
  • See more information related to the recording on the playback screen, like the recording duration, creation time, size, format, tags and even location
  • Supports portrait and landscape modes, on 7 and 10" tablets

Works on the Nexus 7, the Nexus 10 and other android tablets

Work in potrait or landscape and choose from our ever expanding collection of themes to customize your recording experience